Govert FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do estimates vary?

Reasons can be the amount of time spent on a estimate, type of parts used (new factory, aftermarket, and or used) as well as the fact that some shops prefer to mask off trim items when painting while the higher quality shops will remove them which gives it a factory look when completed. An estimate is actually the “blueprint” for repair, so it should be very specific as to what will be done to the car. Always ask the estimator to explain, in detail, what damage was done and how it will be repaired. This explanation should match your estimate.


Is there a charge for an estimate and do I need to make an appointment?

There is never a charge for a body shop estimate. We do recommend our customers make an appointment – Govert is open for estimates Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays by appointment only. You can now take advantage of our Contact Free Curbside Estimates from the safety of your vehicle. Depending on the extent of the damage, estimates usually take 15 minutes to a half hour. Contact us today to schedule your Free Estimate.


Do I need to pay anything when I drop off my car?

No payments are required for insurance jobs until the repairs are complete. We just need for you to endorse any insurance checks and or sign a direction to pay. We will collect your deductible and any betterment that applies when you pick up your vehicle. If you are paying for the repairs yourself sometimes a deposit is required. Personal checks are only accepted up to $500.


How soon will the repairs start after I drop off my car and how long will they take?

Repairs to vehicles that are dropped off on appointment will be started immediately. Vehicles dropped off unexpectedly and or towed in will be moved to production as soon as possible. Once the vehicle is estimated, our manager will call you and discuss the repair process. We will not start the repairs until we have the insurance company's approval (if applicable) and all parts are here. Our staff will provide you with an estimated date of completion and a check your vehicle claim number. We do everything in our power to repair your vehicle safely, quickly and keep you updated throughout the process.


What happens if I need a ride or rental car when I drop off my car?

If it is local, our staff will be more than happy to arrange a ride home or to work for you. If you have rental coverage we can call a rental car company to come pick you up even if no previous arrangements have been made. Govert can also provide you with a FREE loaner vehicle should you not be covered for a rental (subject to restrictions and availability).


Will my car be repaired to pre-accident condition?

Yes. Our technicians are extremely well trained and use state-of-the-art repair equipment and methods to ensure that your vehicle will be returned to its pre-accident condition. All repairs and replacement procedures are done to manufacturer specifications and only the highest quality materials are used in the repair of your vehicle.


Are the repairs guaranteed?

Yes. All collision repairs performed at Govert carry a written limited lifetime warranty.


Does your warranty cover rust repairs?

When we fix a vehicle that has rust damage we do our best to make sure the rust does not come back. But due to the nature a rust we cannot guarantee rust repairs. Rust is an oxidized metal that is broken down or corroded because of a material reaction, which can occur in the presence of iron, oxygen and water. Water, salt and your driving habits can be some reasons why your car is rusting.


Will my paint match?

Yes. Govert uses PPG paint and a computerized mixing system. These paints have been approved by all major car manufacturers. Our finish is applied using tinting and blending techniques by our highly trained technicians. It is then baked on to provide a factory-like finish on your vehicle.


What are your hours?

Both Govert locations are open Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm and on Saturday from 8:00am to noon (open by appointment only). The mechanical shop is not open on Saturdays.