Frequently Asked Questions


May I select the shop that repairs my car or must I go where my insurance company directs me?

In the state of Indiana you have the right to have the shop of your choice repair your vehicle. Some insurance companies will “recommend” that you take it to one of their preferred shops. Govert is a preferred shop for many insurers, but ultimately the choice is up to you. We have developed relationships with many insurers to expedite the claims process, and get you back in your car as fast as possible.


The insurance company said I need to get three estimates, do I?

No. There are no states that require more than one estimate. Some insurance companies may tell you to get two or three estimates; this is how they keep costs competitive. Talk to your insurance adjuster first, and most of the time estimates can be faxed or e-mailed with photos for approval. Our staff will be more than happy to do this for you.


What is a deductible and to whom do I pay it?

A deductible is the agreed amount of the repair bill that is the responsibility of the vehicle owner, according to the insurance policy. It is paid to the repair shop after repairs are complete. It is required by law that the repairer collects this amount. Any shop promising to waive or roll the deductible into the insurance portion of the bill is committing fraud. According a recent article, companies that waive deducible have a tendency to fall into the temptation of padding their bill, take short cuts on repairs, and use inappropriate parts to make up the difference. How else are they suppose to recoup the lost income from waiving the deductible?


What are betterment or depreciation charges?

These are charges determined by the insurance carrier on parts that have a specific "lifetime" associated with them and are pro-rated based on the year and mileage of your vehicle. Examples of these parts are batteries, tires, exhaust components, and specific suspension parts, etc. If your insurance company is charging a betterment fee, you will need to pay that amount to Govert upon completion of repairs to your vehicle.