Lifetime Waranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Terms of the warranty:

  • Subject to the terms and conditions of this limited lifetime warranty, Govert agrees to warrant against the covered defects set forth below. The limited lifetime warranty becomes effective on the date the work was completed.
  • If the defect is determined to be a covered defect, the defect will be repaired without charge to the warranty holder by Govert.

Scope of the warranty - The limited lifetime warranty shall:

  • Apply only to the surfaces directly repaired.
  • Only be available to the individual who was the owner of the vehicle at the time the original work was performed and whose name appears on the Govert repair order. The warranty is not transferable.

Covered Defects and Exclusions - Covered defects shall include only the following:

  • Cracking.
  • Checking.
  • Severe loss of gloss caused by cracking or fading.
  • Peeling of the topcoat or any of the layers of film included in the refinishing process.

Defects resulting from the following conditions are excluded from the warranty:

  • Previously repainted or repaired OEM finishes (prior to the issue of the Warranty Repair Record) unless the vehicle was stripped to bare metal.
  • System failure due to pre-existing rust or rust originating from within the auto body. This includes blemishes or blistering caused by the rust.
  • Not apply to any covered defect that is directly the result of any negligence by the customer.
  • Scratches, abrasions or stone chipping caused by normal vehicle use.
  • Damage caused by accident.
  • Damage to the paint caused by improper abrasive detergents or waxes, acid rain or industrial emissions or fallout, or heavy-duty pressure washing.
  • Damage on vehicles used for commercial or competitive purposes.
  • Failure resulting from product misuse or abuse.