Allstate Launches New Technology

Allstate Roadside Services recently partnered with AT&T and TechnoCom Corp. to launch an automated caller location and verification technology that will enhance Allstate’s ability to provide roadside assistance to drivers.

Through the partnership, AT&T Location Information Services will utilize real-time location data—obtained automatically from landline or mobile telephones—and TechnoCom's Location platform to identify the location of a disabled vehicle. The information will enable call center representatives at Allstate Roadside Services to immediately communicate the vehicle's location to service providers.

The launch is planned for mid-December, according to Allstate Roadside Services.

Allstate Roadside Services said integrating this technology with its dispatch process will allow for faster and more efficient response times.

"When drivers are stranded on the road, it's up to us to get them the service they need as quickly as possible," said Anthony Royer, president of Allstate Roadside Services. "Accurately determining the caller's location is critical. This technology better enables both our call center representatives as well as our road service providers to reach our customers even faster than before."

"We are excited to see how real-time, universal location insight impacts the caller experience and service events to provide extensive operational efficiencies throughout Allstate's Roadside Services," said Mario Proietti, CEO of TechnoCom.