Northwest Indiana Community Support

Helping hand for Lowell High School Technical Automotive Education.


Govert sent two of our auto body technicians along with some of our welding equipment to help the Lowell, Indiana High School senior class learn about auto body repair.  It was our pleasure to help the students in this program. Below is a thank you letter we received from the Lowell High School teacher.

   Wayne, We had a great time with Bruce and Tim last night. The students worked with the men from 4-6 while I facilitated. At the end of the class the students all tried the practical welding test that ICAR requires of all certified personnel, we had two seniors weld good enough to pass the exam! Thank you for your interest in our students, equipment and time. I hope to do this again with the guys next year furthering our partnership with you and your apprenticeship program. The students learned a lot and enjoyed themselves. Sincerely, Leon Simon