Advance Travel Planning

The snow is here and this means, ice, cold and congested traffic. Make sure that you plan your holiday travels, the route you will be taking, be sure to check the weather and road conditions. Do you need chains? Have extra vehicle supplies such as extra oil, coolant, plenty of water and rain/snow windsheild wipers. These are some of the small details that are smart to have ready should you need it. Make sure your vehicle has plenty of gas for your trip, check your tires and set the correct pressures. Call ahead, let your party know when you are leaving, check in from time to time, especially on long trips. All these tips can help make a fun and safe travels this holiday season. If you plan on traveling via airplane. A great tip, we still have to take our shoes off, its wet and the floors will be soaked bring extra socks or very thin bendable flip-flops to wear when going through security. Make sure to check your airports traveling rules. This info can be found online. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and be safe out there.